Ebusbar BEV-H02A10 EV Charger (Level 2 – 240 Volt – 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty)

(7 customer reviews)

$350.00 $305.00


  • 3x faster than your level 1 charger
  • Voltage 240V and current 16A output power 3.8kw
  • Plug type NEMA 10-30P which is compatible with dryer’s outlet
  • Reliable design including water proof, leakage protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection
  • Good for Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius, Fiat 500E and all other plug-in evs

EBUSBAR Portable EV Charger with plug NEMA 10-30

Built by Ebusbar, the Level 2 home charger can make charging your electric vehicle as easy as charging your cell phone.

Key Features

– Compatible with all EVSE standards and recommended practices, including SAE J1772, NEC 625, UL 2231 and UL 2594.
– Built-in communication verifies proper connection before charging can commence.
– Voltage 240V with plug NEMA 10-30 which is compatible with dryer’s outlet.
– output current 16A.
– Reliable design including water proof, leakage protection, over-voltage protection and over-current protection.
– Cord length 17 feet.
– 12 months warranty from the manufacturer

Package Include

– Ebusbar BEV-H02A10 Level 2 EV charger
– Portable zipper case
– User’s manuall

Supported Vehicles

– Nissan Leaf
– Chevrolet Volt
– VW e-Golf
– Ford C-max
– Toyota Prius Plug
– Fiat 500e
– BMW i3
– Tesla model S
– Other vehicles follow standard SAE J1772

7 reviews for Ebusbar BEV-H02A10 EV Charger (Level 2 – 240 Volt – 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty)

  1. bigjohn67

    Price for this product is great! I wish only that I’ve purchased this earlier. I’ve had it in the rain, snow, sun…no problems at all. Awesome product!!!

  2. supermandad

    Nice, portable and very reasonably priced charger. Seller was great as well, fast delivery and protective packaging.

  3. california surf

    Charger my 2014 Volt under within 3-4 hours. So sweet. Carrying case is the half size than my previous charger.

    in short, product as advertised. Great buy.

  4. Bob billy

    I was way too skeptical, being that it is one of the less expensive units.So far, so good!

  5. bgt

    Nice quality product. This charger is so far flawless at a very affordable price. I have used it for several months to charge my VOLT and it is fantastic. Full charge under 3 hours. I would highly recommend this charger.

  6. supermandad

    A Perfect fit for my Leaf.Works great and the quality is very good. I can now charge my Leaf in 4-5 hours instead of 12.I do wish it could be even faster.

  7. mark vincenti

    Plugged it in, and kaboom, it worked right away.It works great, easy to install, and I really do hope it stays that way because this is awesome for the money.
    People have to understand that this is the cheapest level 2 charger on the market.

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