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First Endurance’s Optygen HP will help you train harder and recover faster by improving oxygen utilization, which increases your body’s ability to adapt to physical stress and a higher aerobic threshold. The improved formula of Optygen HP features Rhodiola (tested to improve mental and physical performance) that’s twice as strong as the original formula. In addition to Rhodiola, Optygen HP includes Beta-Alanine, with a 1,500mg of Beta-Alanine per serving. Beta-Alanine has been tested to increase muscular endurance, boost strength, exercise capacity, and to delay muscular fatigue.



13 reviews for First Endurance Optygen HP

  1. fred

    think this is a great product!! I can’t imagine train without it. Have been using this product for months.

  2. jason r. harp

    Nice item as advertised, fast shipping, well packaged, 5 stars +++++

  3. marco hu

    Got it quick- good price.Seems to make recovery occur more quickly.

  4. Chuck davis

    Bit expensive for my budget but I love it. return customer

  5. carmen 26

    I find that I recover faster both between and within workouts. It seems that I can maintain a higher intensity at a lower heart-rate.Energy is there and I will buy again. Good price too.

  6. xendaddy

    Everything is perfect, Fast delivery too

  7. Capite

    Good. I wish they haven’t chang d the formula.

  8. colman

    Really did not feel any improvement

  9. Christopher S.

    I was amazed how good this product works. Perfect supplement to give you that extra bit of help during a race.

  10. ohboy

    Been using this for about 60 days. Ironically (maybe not?) I set a PR on my 5k about a month after starting this and then a month later, improved on that time and set another PR. I can’t say this stuff makes you feel like superman, but I certainly don’t think it slows you down either.

  11. jeremy kj

    Excellent endurance supplement; performing as promised, contributing to an overall improvement in my race time. Fast delivery as well.

  12. barbara b tn

    Does the job. Great Recovery!

  13. Sylas lee

    This is my first time using this product and gives me an extra gear. Very good product!

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