Walkstool Basic Tripod Stool – 50 cm / 20 in

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Walkstool Basic comes in two different sitting heights – 50 cm and 60 cm (20 in and 24 in). The seat is made of black polyester and is app. 20% bigger in size than a normal seat for a three legged stool. The legs are grey to match the seat.

Walkstool Basic has a similar light weight construction as the Walkstool Comfort models, including telescopic legs in aluminum. It is manufactured in Sweden with a quality high enough for most people to use it for many years.

Walkstool is the only three legged telescopic stool in the world with patents and trademark protections.


Walkstool Basic – 20 inch (50cm) Walkstool Basic is the economy version of the WalkStool Comfort. The seat is a bit smaller and the feet do not have the large rubber grips like the Comfort. However, the walkstool still maintains the functionality and quality you expect in a walkstool. The Basic packs small and you won’t leave without this amazingly convenient and comfortable stool.


  • Packs super small.
  • Load capacity of 330 lbs
  • Two sizes Basic 20 in (50cm), Basic 24 in (60cm)


Product Weight: 1.50

5 reviews for Walkstool Basic Tripod Stool – 50 cm / 20 in

  1. anette m

    Sturdy, lightweight and easy to carry in a backpack. Good quality.

  2. ernesto m.

    Very well made.Lightweight and sturdy.

  3. rudilph g.

    It really is strong and well built. I was a bit skeptical. The legs extend for full height. 20 inches is a good height. Retracts to a small and light size that makes carrying incredibly easy. The carrying back even has a shoulder strap to leave hands free.

  4. ernesto m.

    Excellent portable stool for working or resting. Seat could be wider.

  5. selaf T.

    Great product, fast shipping

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